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If you are looking for the most interested category of the mobile and computer games then you can find the gangster games at the top of the table. In the recent days kids are very much fond of playing different kinds of computer and mobile games. There are different type of games and these also help in the development of the kids. Like many people believe that playing computer games and mobile games increase the body, mind coordination of a kid and also increase the reflex power. There are certain games by which your kid can learn a lot of things. Kids like this type of game because of the various storylines and also for the new types of technologies like guns, cars etc.


Why kids love gangster games?

In every game there is a very interesting story line which makes the kids addicted towards the game and they always try to complete all the objectives of each level. One of the other reasons of loving these types of games is that when it starts it looks very easy to clear the levels and after some certain levels when the kids get addicted then the levels of these games become harder and takes a lot of time to clear. Again the graphics of these games are another reason of becoming popular. These games include very attractive visual graphics and add proper details to each and every thing and this is why these games take a lot of memory to install on your device.

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Popular Gangster games and publishers:
Currently there are many gangster games which are very popular among the kids. Some of the most popular gangster game in the recent time is Ghost Rider, Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, Saints Row, Omerta Ace Gangster, Gangland, Gang War, etc. The different publishers who are involved in making these type of game are Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, THQ, Eidos Interactive etc. These publishers are not only involved in making gangster games but they also make games of other category also. Like if you look for Rockstar Games, then you can find that this is a British developing company and they are producing games since 1998 and besides Grand theft auto there most popular games are Max Payne, Bully, The Warriors, Read Dead etc. Again Ubisoft is another famous publisher of gangster games and they also make several different games like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cells amongst others. So these developing companies are not only involved in publishing gangster games, but they are very efficient for making a good first person shoot computer games also.
Some of the Gangster Games:

  • Ace Gangster:
    If you search over the internet then you can find Ace Gangster is one of the most played gangster games in all over the world. The publisher of this game is Poki which is a famous publisher for making this type of games. From the very first day this game grabs the market. So if you are a hardcore gamer and loves to become a real gangster in the computer games, then this Ace Gangster is for you. Here you have to challenge the toughest gang of the city and you have to complete different objectives to complete the mission.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    The craze for playing this game with the kids is really very high. Actually, this is a series of gangster games and in each part of this game describes different story lines. Here also you have to choose a criminal character and then you have to perform different crimes in a regular manner to fulfill the missions. The missions will be given to you by various kingpins and also by the major idols of the underworld and then you have to perform different organized crimes. At different levels of the game different vehicles are included like taxi, bus, etc. and you have to drive those vehicles during the gameplay. You can also fly helicopter and fixed wing aircraft in this very popular gangster game.
  • Gang War:
    This gangster game comes in the category of shooting game and here if you want to become a member of the gang then you have to become first shooter. In the gameplay of this game you have to kill more 30 gangsters of the other group in an interesting gang war. So to play this game you have to increase your shooting speed and obviously your accuracy of shooting also. Otherwise, you will not able to complete the missions of this game.
  • Gangland:
    The famous gangster game Gangland was released on February 24th, 2004. It is developed by Mediamobsters. It is a perfect simulation game which requires real time strategy at the fullest. So fast shooter is not only the criterion of this game because with proper strategy you will complete a single mission of this game. Here the name of the main character is Mario Mangano and he brought in a crime family in Palermo. After the death of Mario’s father, his elder brother becomes the head of the gang, but then he was also killed by the other brothers of Mario and then they started to rule Italy. The main game play starts when Mario is invited by his uncle to the Paradise city to kill his brothers.

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Though different people think that this type of game is not good for the kids and these games affect the mentality of the kids, but there are many advantages of playing these games also. These games help a lot to increase the concentrating power of the kids and also they are able to know the good and bad things of the society. So it is fully depends on you that how you take these games. So if you want to become a good player of gangster games then you must be a very fast shooter with ultimate accuracy and you have to make certain strategies during playing these games. Otherwise, due to the failure of strategies you can’t be able to complete a single mission of this gangster game.

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