About Us

About Us

“My daughter doesn’t want to study all the time. I wonder what I should engage her to for a good time pass!”

Such complaints are common among most parents. We thought of this issue over again and came up with Gangster Games. Our main idea is to make children busy in something useful other than wasting time on worthless works.

It is quite obvious that children don’t like to sit with books all the time. So, to impart the idea of practicality, games can be the best alternatives. We have brought together the best collection of games that our young customers will not only enjoy, but also get to learn something. We make sure that each category has a different storyline and exciting features.

  • We don’t own rights
    Gangster Games only offers games for kids. But it’s the publisher, not we who owns the rights to these games. We have only brought together the most demanding mobile and computer games. All of them require concentration and stretch the minds of players.
  • Our categories of games
    There are certain games that are very popular among children like Mafia, Ghost Rider, Gangland, Saints Row, Gang War, etc. We have more of these including other categories that your kids are surely going to love.

Do you know what our best achievement is? We have received feedback that not only children but also elders are enjoying our various games.

Our idea at Gangster games is to enhance the skills and practical sense of children through their favourite hobby – playing games.