Ace Gangster

ace gangster gameAce Gangster Game: a game that you must play
Ace Gangster game falls into the action and adventure game genre. It is one of the most popular games of all gangster games. Ace Gangster game is little different from other computer games. Playing game on the computer is the favorite time pass for kids. Maximum kids have a fantasy about a gangster world. They always want to explore unknown things at any cost. When they come to familiar about gangsters from the movies they want to go through the same situation which is not possible in real. But these games can give that feeling which they actually want. This is why kids love to play Ace Gangster game.

This game was published by on 15th September 2015. This game includes a wonderful graphics and music. Programming was done by Wandah, graphics were designed by 3Bro and music was given by This game is beautifully designed to provide the ultimate fun and excitement to the players. This is a 2D game and it proved that 2D games can be very interesting. This game is a combination of adventure and action which make it more interesting. There are a few bugs in the game and you will feel them during the game.

The objective of the game: You can play this game in two ways such as story and free act. Plots and situation may differ from each other, but both are interesting. The story mode will bring more fun and excitement during the game. Story mode is played by the maximum players. The main objective of this game is to pass all the missions. After passing all the missions successfully, you will win more respect and be the biggest gangster on the game. In this game the biggest level of the gangster is known as Ace Gangster. This is also the level based game and each level has individual mission. You have to play this game intelligently. Here are some ways you should follow throughout the game to win this game:

  • Your progress in this game can be saved by renting an apartment or hotel room
  • If you are hijacking the car you must be very careful. Blue stick should be moved carefully between the red pin. If stick touches the red pin car alarm will be activated and you will lose your mission
  • When you are deceiving the building, hijacking the car, killing the police officer, stealing or hitting a police then your wanted level will be increased. In this situation you have to run away from police and try not to cause more trouble while running.
  • Deposit earned money into the bank before getting busted by police
  • If you are trying to destroy a building in this game you need a bomb to do this. During the game you have to plant the bomb successfully within the time limit and you will get 5 sec to escape from the place.
  • You can get the feel of attacking an office or a bank. If you are doing so vial this game you need to have guns, pistol and heavy weapons.

You can fall into some tricky situations during the game. You have to handle those situations very intelligently by following the above mentioned ways. So play this gangster game and enjoy.

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