Prison Games

Prison games are games where the player mostly assumes the character of the prisoner and all the games mostly have one common objective and that is to break out from the prison. These games have to be played with tact and presence of mind. You may have to cross innumerable hurdles and surpass all kinds of difficult situations in order to reach your goal and escape from the terrifying prison that is filled with the horrors of jail life. Games tend to be the most exciting when you get the taste of victory after a tough battle and prison games tend to provide you with just that.


Why do kids go for prison games?

Like I said earlier, winning in itself is futile unless you actually worked hard for it. Games are also played for the same purpose. It is entertainment at its best and prison games are the new favorite of kids of all age groups. And, what is more? You may even find your parents glued to one of the popular prison games yourself.

The Prison break games have the kind of an excitement that channelizes the ever flowing energy of kids by putting many obstacles in their path. So much that they will be forced to concentrate on how to remove that particular obstacle. Escaping the prison becomes their prime concern and concentration which in turn makes the taste of victory doubly delicious.

How do this prison games help an individual?
Apart from the helping one in coping with boredom, Prison games also tend to instill some good qualities in a person of which the most important quality is the increase in the power of the concentration. Concentration power is something that every parent would want their kid to work on. With their ideas filled brains, they may get distracted more times than one but this prison games change that completely by helping the kids retain their concentration on one particular thing at one time thereby increasing their observing skills and various other mind excellences that are required and expected of a kid.

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Some prison games and their key features
Prison games being as popular as they are, have a number of most played games too and among the most played Prison games section are the following games which have been listed along with their key features:

  • Jailbreak Rush:
    This prison games is all about you. Rather you are the convict since you are the one playing and being challenged. You will be given a short term of two weeks to escape the prison which has the most complicated and high tech security. Plus, you are in actuality innocent and since you have been wrongly convicted, you will have to escape the prison as fast as possible.
    You will be given an escape plan which will help you escape and all the thrills of the game lie in its complicated escape plans that you are to decipher for yourself. This escaping the prison game will excite you and give you the thrill of your life. Experiencing it for yourself is the only way you can do justice to its excellence.
  • Prison Break Escape:
    In this game, unlike the other prison games like that of Jailbreak rush, you are not an innocent convict but an actual convict which is why, the prison game becomes all the more tough, for you, than it already is. You will be placed in a prison in the initial stage where you will have to pick on the clues which you think may help you escape from the first stage.
    This picking of clues in actuality enhances your presence of mind to a great extent since you have to use your brains and find the hidden clues which, like normal games, are not served to you in a silver platter. However, after crossing the first stage, you have to go through a several levels and cross many barriers to reach the ultimate escape. And, for escaping prison, you have to remember to follow the rules that will be laid down for you. These rules play a very important role and the distortion of any of these rules may lead to your disqualification.
  • Prison Bust out:
    This is yet another one of the logic based prison games where you have to rack your brains to be actually able to escape the hell that you are placed in. What is the biggest hurdle for any convict in a jail? Yes, the guards it is. The guards are your biggest enemies and the only way by which you can escape prison is by outwitting the guards who are placed solely to watch you and prevent you from escaping the prison where you have been placed to be rightfully punished. Therefore, outwitting the guards is the key factor in this Prison games.
  • Death Row:
    This is one of the most popular Prison games that there is as yet and being one of the most played and loved prison games, Death row also has some uniquely interesting features. The game involves a convict who has been sentenced to death. The convict here, however, like other prison games, is not you. The convict is Hector Van Damon. He is supposed to be hung in a period of fourteen days and your job is to help him escape, feed him, make him work for the money and find clues so as to mark him innocent.

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Prison games can be of various kinds, Prison architect game, Prison escapade game etc. These games are as popular as they are due to their alluring features and challenges that are enough to lure any game lover or challenge lover for that matter. These games, however, can be played online. Prison games online can be played with the help of your keyboard and mouse. Others however, can be played in your android phone which may support the kind of prison games that there are. You can play prison games free.