How to Play .io Games Like a Gangster?


If you’ve been around the online gaming scene for a while now, then you’d know a lot about the io games. The io games are a series of games that focus on multiplayer gameplay, and it’s not just your typical multiplayer games, it’s the competitive “let’s-beat-each-other-up” type of multiplayer. If that didn’t get the gangster instincts in you running, then I don’t know what will! Each and every game of the io series is all about dominating your opponents. If you’re ready to take on the io games to make that gangster blood in you pumping, then read on through our 5 tips on how you can play the io games like a true gangster:

5. Form a gang
What self-respecting person would ever call themselves a gangster and be alone? Some of the io games will have a chat box that you can use to communicate with other players. This will help you gather a little group of people to build a gang with. Since you can change your name each time you play, we also suggest adding a “tag” in front of your name to let other people know that you are in a gang!

4. Learn to cooperate with your gang
Now that you have created your gang, it’s time to learn how you guys are going to play with your allies at your side. It’s not going to be easy, but once you get it down, anyone who sees your gang name will cower in fear. Talk about how you guys will go about attacking people and when you’ll be playing to calibrate your game with each other. Learn their style and let them learn yours this way you don’t get in each other’s way.

3. Let other people know about it (the gangster way)
After you’ve established your name, announce your dominance in the chats (if it’s available, if not, let the game speak for itself). From here on out, a few gangs may have formed to go against you, but that’s something you should expect and should be excited about. A gang means nothing without any rivals, right? Letting other people know about your gang will have 2 effects, they will either want to join, or want to go against it.

2. Pick a turf and keep it safe for your gang
In some of the io games, there will be servers that you can choose to play on, so for these games, pick one and let your gang know about it. This will be your turf. It can either be temporary or permanent, depending on how well you guys will be able to defend it. Think of it as an HQ of sorts where you can play with just each other (see tip 4) and talk with each other about plans and other stuff (maybe you want to meet IRL or whatever). For the games without servers, then stay with the default server and protect it so everyone can come in safe.

1. Show no mercy
This is the most important part. If anyone crosses your path, take them down. When you are in your turf and someone unworthy of your gang comes in, take them out. Punish that person and keep on killing him until he gets tired of trying and shows himself out. If someone kills someone from the gang, pick on that person and keep killing that player until he learns the error of his ways. Show your dominance in every single game you play and make it known that your gang is here to stay, and anyone that isn’t part of your gang will have to respect you if they want to live.

We all know that being a full time gangster is hard, and doing it in games is even harder, but always remember that this should not be taken to heart. This is a great way to enjoy the game in a mafia-gangster style, but it’s always important to know that this should be done for fun, so that more people can enjoy the game (and can even enjoy more when the rivals come into play). The io games are the best games to play if you want to play in a gang for its competitive multiplayer, so hang out with us in io and let’s all have some fun!

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